A number of years ago I was in a sporting activity and injured my leg quite seriously. A blood clot developed and they put me on a blood thinner called Xarelto. Unfortunately Xarelto causes bruising and bleeding and I can testify that it did it seriously to me. Anywhere I would bump anything, particular in my arms and hands, huge dark bruises formed. Worse, they would not go away and Increased with each and every month and bump. So I started wearing gloves and other protective things and it helped but it was very inconvenient. I was more careful with my arms but it was distressing to see the amount of bruising and discoloration I had on them that was not going away.

Enter THE AGE PILL. While these other results I mentioned were happening sort of without my thinking or observing, the bruising stopped occurring. I was getting no more new bruises. Shockingly the bruises that had been there for years are now going away and lightening up dramatically.

I need to be screaming this from the roof tops this morning !! My continued personal testimony on the A.G.E pill

So in the beginning 8/3/17, I started The AGE Pill. From that point, I have experienced increased energy, mental clarity, mood shift that gives me the want and drive to do things again, increased focus and motivation, spider veins on my legs disappearing, appetite control and improved strength !! And my hair changing from silver to dark brown !!! Eye lashes growing, nail growth.

This morning I stepped on the scale and down 10lbs!! So I decided it was time to measure, I have lost 2 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my hips !!! Absolutely jumping for joy today!!!

Everyone needs this incredible product!!!

It's as easy as 1-2-3 for getting incredible support.   ....."to really-truly grow younger so much faster than you grew older", "becoming much stronger".."increasing stamina",  "fired up all day and feeling so good all night, regenerating and sleeping like a baby, to awaken filled with such noticeable energy right off the charts", "It happens so fast and so quickly, you'll see before your very eyes, the actual regeneration of skin, hair, muscles and just about everything about you from the tip of your head to the end of your toes".

Truly, it is as easy as 1-2-3, done just by taking 3 of THE AGE PILLS twice a day. Try it and see.... see how it feels in just a few short weeks to feel like you were 20-30 again for the rest of your very long life!

My energy level was the first BIG improvement, then my skin tone started to even out. The age spots on my hands had become quite noticeable and now they are almost gone. I'm in Mexico and was concerned they would get worse as I'd only been on the A.G.E Pill for 2 months before arriving here yet my hands and skin are soft and tanning evenly...Also, I sometimes forget that I don't have my glasses on so I'm wondering if my eyesight is also improving?

Thank you for helping us all look and feel younger.

.... just a few of the many we have

My husband had terrible redness, itching, flaking skin on his face for a long time. He went to a dermatologist who gave him some topical ointment which didn't do the job. My husband and I have been taking the A.G.E. Pill for just about a year now, and ALL of his skin issues have completely cleared up. Even when he's under stress, his skin doesn't get red and itchy at all. It's a miracle for him because it was truly a plague for him and we're so happy to see it's been healed. Love the A.G.E. Pill beyond words.

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October 2018 - Oakey Qld

In June 2017 I was diagnosed with Melanoma and had one removed from my back. In August 2017 had some scans done and it revealed that I had 13 more melanomas. I started taking the AGE Pill on around 15th October 2017 and had my next appointment in November2017 and I was told that one on top of my head had become smaller so I told them that I would come back in January 2018 as I was trying something natural namely Fucoydon . When I came back in January he looked at one under my arm and told me it was 2cm but in November is was 4cm so I said I will see you in April. In April he said it looked like the one under the arm had grown another node but I said I wanted to continue with what I was doing and said I will be back in July. Scans revealed everything were getting smaller or disappearing all together. I have Just left the Hospital 5th October 2018 cancer free no more visits for cat scans and fine needle biopsies. I am on way home to celebrate

I just wanted to say what the age pill has done for me I have only been taking it for 5 weeks now and my skin has improved a lot, my white hair is disappearing, but for me the most important thing is what is happening inside of me and that is the aches and pains of sever scolises are disappearing! I have not been able to do much in the garden because it causes sever back pain for days after and yesterday I went to my friends house and picked hazelnuts up off the ground for an hour and a half and no pain and I feel great today and slept all night without waking up in pain! for me that's amazing. So I just want to say thank you to Sisel and Tom for coming up with this amazing product.

All I can say is, WOW!

I have had CFS/ME for 21 years since l was 12 years old. ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ) I have been on the A.G.E Pill for 3 months now and and it has transformed my life  The energy I now have is amazing, the brain fog has mostly lifted and I have clearer thinking. The depression and anxiety caused by this long term illness has balanced out and the aches and pains are significantly improved. I hardly ever need to recover from normal exertion that in the past would usually leave me in bed for days. I used to have periods of collapsing, where I would suddenly drop to the ground and be virtually paralyzed for at least half an hour with ocassional muscle convulsions throughout, but that hasn't happened once since I started this wonderful product  Thank you Sisel and the amazing people who put this incredible product together!

I've been using The AGE Pill for one year, mostly for my multiple sclerosis. So many improvements - no side effects. I am doing things I never thought I would do again! I still have bad days but they are minimal to what they were before and recovery is quick! looking and feeling younger every day! Thank you.