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When we were very young, our bodies grew quickly, with an abundance of highly active stem cells. Stem cells are the master cells in our bodies that are able to transform into any type of cell that we need. As we grew, our stem cells divided and multiplied into the trillions of cells that make up an adult body and replace the cells in our body faster than they wore out and were discarded.


As children, we also had all of the energy that we needed to go all day long. This energy is derived from metabolizing glucose sugars to create electrical energy. As our bodies break glucose down through oxidation to release the energy that powers the cells in our body, a plaque-like residue was left over. This residue - known as A.G.E (Advanced Glycation End-products) - accululates over time, depositing an inhibiting coating over proteins, reducing optimalstem

cell performance.


As the stem cells rebuild new cells

and maintain themselves, Lipofuscin

is formed. Lipofuscin is metobolic

waste, a cellular sludge that builds

up over our lifetime that clutters

cells and greatly inhibits biological functions. It is difficult for our cells to produce the energy they need when this thick sludge inhibits flow and function.


But what if we got some help to clean up the mess and dump much of the accumulated trash left behind by glycation and lipofuscin? Then the stem cells in our bodies should be free to function again at a high level. Scientists now theorize it may well allow our bodies to again produce energy at the same levels as when we were in our prime, much like if we were in our 20s again.


This is what sets The Age Pill(TM) apart from other anti-aging products products, into the realm of potential youthful regeneration. The  AGE Pill(TM) provides three classes of advanced, specialized super-nutrients to the stem cell delivering intense support for:

1. Removing glycation plaque build-ups that inhibit intercellular proteins.

2. Reduction / removal of toxins and cellular sludge resulting from biological activity creating lipofuscin.

3. Significantly increasing ATP - providing Biological Hydrogen to greatly amplify cellular electrical energy. Theoretically, this process could increase electrical energy within the stem cells three or four fold, to where you may"feel like you were 20 again".


                   Adenosine Tripphosphate (APT) and biological hydrogen are

                   believed to be key in supporting the release of vast stores of

                   electrical energy in your body. Your enhanced, elevated

                   energy could help your cells to rebuild, rejuvenate and work

                   at more optimum levels, potentially alleviating the ravages

                   to our bodies that occur over our lifetime.


                   Our powerful and unique synergistic blend, potentially

                   maximizes The AGE Pill's nutritional content, providing

                   intense support for removing glycation build-up, reducing toxins and increasing APT, helping you look and feel like you were in your 20s again.


Help combat the cellular-level functional issues that occur as a result of aging, by increasing ATP - providing biological hydrogen to help amplify cellular electrical energy, cleaning-up cellular waste - allowing the cell to work at potentially optimal levels of youth.


Be Younger, More Energetic, And Youthful. Be You Again!




- The A.G.E. Pill massively supports your naturally functioning biology*

- Helps stem cells to operate at their optimal potential*

- Helps boost your energy levels back to a more youthful self*

- Removal of the Advanced Glycation End Products*

- Removal of Lipofuscin*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease




You're In Good Company

At Sisel, we’re more than a name. More than a company. We’re a community that begins and ends with people – like you.


How Turning a Bottle Changed the World

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, Senior and his son, Tom Junior, but our story begins much earlier with a simple bottle of shampoo.

Nearly 4 decades ago, Tom Sr. was hard at work with his son in his industrial chemical company. They maintained a very successful business creating, developing and selling over 40 unique products, including waxes, solvents and industrial cleaners. The chemicals used in these products were often very dangerous. Tom was required to keep an updated log of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) informing his employees of the dangers of ingesting or even coming into contact with these products. Many of the chemicals were so dangerous that employees were required to wear full-body protection when handling.


As he became more conscientious of the chemicals moving

through his plant, Tom came across something that would

forever change the course of his company and, more

importantly, the world.

“As I was checking my shampoo bottle one day,” says Tom,

“I turned it over and was shocked to see that all the potentially

dangerous chemicals —and more—that were in my cleaning

products were also in my shampoo. I couldn’t believe there

were materials like this in products we put on our skin. So I grabbed a trash can and began walking through my house, grabbing bottles and checking labels. Shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, I checked everything. If it had harmful chemicals, I threw it away.”

And so began the story of Sisel. Years before it became widely known that harmful chemicals were put in everyday household products, Tom and his son began creating safe, effective products and supplements, free from any harmful chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

What now seems so obvious was actually a difficult start. Tom went toe-to-toe against industry giants and big pharmaceutical companies to get Sisel products available to the public. They had to fight against established manufacturing norms and practices. They were offering the public a safe, affordable alternative to the many potentially harmful products people were buying, and they ruffled some feathers on their journey. In the end, though, their persistence paid off; the effects can now be seen the world around.

Today, everyone recognizes what Tom saw so many years ago: the need for safe products. Consumers are becoming more cautious about what they put on and in their bodies. Many companies have finally joined in Tom’s philosophy of creating a lifestyle unhindered by the dangers and harm found in mass-produced personal care items. The effects of this lifestyle change are starkly apparent as people live longer and happier lives.

At Sisel, Tom still leads the charge in providing safe, powerful and effective home and personal care items. All of our products come with the Sisel Safe promise:

Absolutely no dangerous materials for you, your body, or the earth. Our

entire line of products is formulated, developed, tested and created in

Sisel’s state-of-the-art R&D laboratories. Each product is produced in our

world class manufacturing facility under Good Manufacturing Practices.

What we’re really trying to say is we take pride in offering the safest, most effective products and supplements available. Be Sisel Safe and enjoy life as life was intended.


Our Founders








Tom Mower, SR. President and Co-Founder                          Tom Mower, JR. CEO and Co-Founder


The Lab










Cutting-Edge R&D

Supporting his team of research scientists with the most advanced technology in modern science was a critical step in Tom’s quest for product perfection. Some of the most highly advanced scientific instrumentation in the world was carefully brought in and strategically situated in a beautiful, state-of-the-art Research & Development Lab. Here our scientists build powerful, unique products based on real scientific research. Which is why we say, “Trust the science, trust Sisel.”



The Plant









World-Class Production

Tom knew from previous experience that in order to really be different you have to develop your own formulas, and you have to own your own manufacturing processes to control quality. So he invested more than $100 million USD to build a massive, world class manufacturing facility. The 400,000 square foot building is the size of nearly 7 football fields, and houses top-of-the-line technology and machinery. In fact, our facility is so superior, many of our competitors ask us to build their products. We help, but Tom always saves the best for Sisel.

And that’s what we have to offer: only the best. This is our plant, with our team and our ingredients. When we guarantee the best, you’re getting the best. Not someone else’s formulas, not someone else’s products. It’s 100% Sisel and it’s 100% Sisel Safe....

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What is the A.G.E. Pill?

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